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Effekta in brief

Effekta Oy was founded in 1988, specializing in high quality material handling and transport equipment, and during the last 29 years has built up an excellent reputation with many major European suppliers. 

We specialize in material handling applications – both in the production process and warehousing – as well as marketing a wide range of transport equipment. There are over 1,500 products in our catalogues, which is the largest and widest range of this type of equipment available in Finland. The products come from German, Swedish and Dutch manufacturers.

Our motto is Efficiency. By using the proper equipment in production, warehousing and transport, it is possible to considerably reduce costs in these areas. The resulting changes in working methods have meant extremely short pay-off times. From a health and safety aspect, the use of the right equipment can also reduce the burden on the workers, keeping them fitter. This also increases the value of the investments.

The solution to any problem starts with defining the customer’s needs.  What do you want to move in the production process? What are the problems in your warehouse? What do you want to transport?  When you talk to us, it is the start of solving the problem.

Contact us:  

Effekta Oy

Hyljeveneentie 1 D

02260 Espoo, Finland

effektaoy(a) or call +358 40 734 1213.

You can look at our products on the websites of our suppliers:

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